Tim Tam Road Trip

This web shop is a sales platform to take pre-orders for planned deliveries in Jylland, on Fyn, Southern parts of Sjælland, Falster and Lolland.

When ordering through this web shop you don't pay at check-out and the orders are not shipped.

We send you an order confirmation and an Invoice which you can only pay by MobilePay or via a bank transfer. On the day of delivery you pick up your order from a preselected pick-up point.

We will announce dates and pick-up points 2-3 weeks in advance and ordering of pies will close down 3 days before delivery due to production time ahead of delivery.

Minimum order

There are no minimum orders but we're charging a delivery fee according to your order size.

  • 0-500 kr - 100 kr fee
  • 500-800 kr - 50 kr fee
  • 800 --> FREE DELIVERY

For deliveries to Sydsjælland, Falster and Lolland we require a minimum order of 450 dkr. and minimum 10 orders to do a trip.

Ordering pies

Pies are delivered frozen and pre packed per order. Bring an Esky or a freezer bag to transport your pies home.

Pies can be ordered as

  • single pies (220 gram)
  • Family pies (1.100 gram)
  • Savoury Party Pie Pack (x28)

Pies can be ordered up until 6 days before the trip to allow the Pie Maker to bake and freeze the orders.